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  1. Loved the article in the Deseret News. Lots of times I’ve wanted to find a rural Utah dive, but the risks of finding a gastronomic flop seemed too steep…so I usually gave up and went to Taco Bell. Happy for what you’re doing, and sad that I’m no longer living in Utah. I’ll check your website when I come visit though.

    If you get the chance, it’d be nice to have a map with the location of your reviews, like something that links to Google maps. This would be a convenient feature for your readers, so they can see which stops they can visit on their own road trips.

    Best of luck.

  2. I love your blog! My wife and I are total foodie/outdoors people, so this is right up our alley. I recommend Cluff’s Drive Inn in Fillmore. We haven’t been there yet, but my family raves about their bacon blue cheese burgers. Let me know what you think. Cheers!

  3. Next time you are in Beaver, go to the Cache Valley Cheese Factory. Get some cheese curd for the road trip home and have an ice cream cone. We have a hard time passing Beaver without this stop. I know it’s not a diner, but it’s great road food. We have eaten at Arshel’s and agree with your comments. We are anxious to try Maria’s Cocina the next time thru there. Thanks for your fun blog.

    • Pam,
      Every time my wife and I travel through there, we’ve talked about going! Good to have a recommendation from someone who has been. We’ll definitely make sure to stop in sometime! Thanks for reading and for
      your suggestion!

  4. Hi guys.

    A noble endeavor you’ve started. The local places are well worth trying. Those people work their butts off to bring us food that isn’t utterly predicable, and more power to ’em.

    If you get to the Vernal area, try Betty’s Cafe or the sandwiches at the Back Door Grille at lunch.

    Wishing you flawless digestion,


    • Day,
      We actually went to Betty’s last year when we were still getting into the groove of things. We loved it, and will have to head back soon. Thanks for the info about the Back Door Grille! We’ll add it to our list.
      Thanks as well for your support of the project.

  5. It sure would help if you had some kind of navigation on this site – by city – rather than just “Where we were” what month. As readers, we really don’t care WHEN you visited an eating establishment. But we do want to know WHERE each restaurant is located. For instance, last week my daughter and I wanted to head east out of Salt Lake and stop for lunch in a small town. Since I know about and frequent your website, it would have been nice if we could pop over to your site and look to see your recommendations for, say, Midway, without scanning every month until we find Midway.

    Please make your site easier to navigate the restaurants rather than your visit times.

    P.S. The “notify me of follow-up comments” at the bottom of this form is there twice and screwed up too. Needs fixing . . .

    • Jacee,
      I apologize that the site isn’t easier to navigate! We have limited experience in programming (read: zero), and have tried to learn enough to make the site at least somewhat nice to look at and partially navigable. We’re aware of these issues you’ve mentioned, and are working to make it a bit better.
      The comment notification issue is fixed, so our next step is an easier way to find restaurants by city/area. For now, you can at least perform a simple search for a city from the main page, and that should bring up any article that mentions whatever city you happen to search for. Not a perfect solution, but better than simply seeing where we’ve been in a given month.
      Thanks for your input, and for your support!

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