The Home Plate Cafe is found at 215 North State Street in Fairview, Utah. We first came across this place on an exploratory trip down a part of Highway 89 a few weeks ago. We had stopped at a gas station there in Fairview, and they recommended we go there…so we did!

The Home Plate Cafe had everything that I would’ve expected from a small town diner: very friendly people, laid back atmosphere, and (of course) excellent food. We both got breakfast, and for under about $15 total, we left feeling very full and very satisfied.

It was obvious that they used fresh ingredients, and everything tasted homemade. In talking with the owner, who also does a lot of the cooking herself, she said that pretty much everything they make is, in fact, homemade. She also says that a lot of what she personally cooks doesn’t have a written recipe. “I have a hard time writing down recipes; I don’t really like them!” Because our food was so good, we wanted to kind of get an idea of what else people seemed to really like.

We were told that on Saturday and Sunday, they serve what could be considered their specialty: biscuits and gravy. One of the waitresses we talked to said that it was definitely her favorite. We were told by the owner that, “it is sort of like our version of prime rib; during the week we make sure everyone gets their vegetables and then on the weekends we give them the biscuits and gravy.” Unfortunately, we weren’t there over the weekend, but if it is even half as good as the breakfasts that we got, there’s no doubt that it is phenomenal.

Though it’s not really a place for a ‘quick bite’, we would definitely recommend you give this diner a try, and when you’re done, go check out the Fairview Museum of History and Art to satisfy your aesthetic needs.


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  1. Home Plate Cafe is a fantastic cafe! I just impressed to see the egg’s mum-let. It makes me so hungry. Last year I have a small opportunity to visit this and check it’s food. And I want to say that is Home Plate Cafe’s food is good food. Tanks a lot.

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