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Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant

Posted by on April 11, 2012

We stopped in to Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant on a warm Friday afternoon, ready to appease our hungry bellies. We sat down at a long table near the front, and placed our orders, which included scones. This is important. Let us note here a couple of things: first, a lot of the places we’ve gone to here in Utah serve scones; second, we had read in numerous places that Leslie’s scones were some of the best. We won’t say who has the best scones (because, really, how could you go wrong?) but what we will say is that Leslie’s serves the biggest scones we have encountered thus far. When our scones were coming out of the kitchen, we thought they were loaves of bread. Each scone is more than a foot long, and is served hot with a side of honey-butter. Amazing.

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Not long after that, we received our food: chicken fried steak for one and roast beef for the other. Each plate came with the meat and gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans. Lots of good, home-style food. Everything was made fresh (they even peel their own potatoes!) and our rumblin’ tummies were soon put at ease. More than ease. Complete satisfaction.

Food from Leslies’ Family Tree, with the chicken fried steak in the foreground

Leslie’s Family Tree is a third-generation, family run restaurant. The main dining area has a log cabin feel to it. On the east wall, there are many photos (both old and new) of the family that operates the restaurant, and a memorial on the west wall of those family members that have served in the military (which we thought was really cool). Those that frequent this restaurant will find a welcoming atmosphere like one you’d expect upon arriving at a family reunion, warm and friendly…and with lots of food (and ghosts!).

That’s right…Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant is also haunted. Though that’s not the reason we went there, we think that is pretty awesome, and it is worth mentioning that they’ll be featured on the Travel Channel on May 4th due to the ghosts that roam its halls and rooms. So, if you like hauntings and food, or even if you just like food (really good food), then our advice is to take some time and give Leslie’s Family Tree a try.

Part of the interior at Leslie’s Family Tree

Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant is found at 77 West Main Street in Santaquin, Utah and can be contacted at 801-754-3499. Find out more about them at

As a last note, they are trying to create a food competition/challenge that involves their giant scones and would love any input! Leave a comment, send us an email, comment on our Facebook wall, or contact them directly at the number above with any ideas that you might have.

8 Responses to Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant

  1. *LyndiLou*

    I’m totally geeking out over this site, this concept and those scones! Holy freaking YUM!!! I’m an instant fan of yours and I can’t wait to plan a road trip so I can add some of these great restaurants to the itinerary! :D Keep up the tasty work!

    • TZRollins

      Lyndi, we’re always excited to hear about fans that are as excited about good, local food as we are…and especially scones! Thanks for reading/following!

    • Shayla

      Do u know it’s haunted this one website says u might see or hear a pot or pan slamming against the wall

      • TZRollins

        When we were there, we talked with a manager a little bit about that, and she confirmed that it isn’t that unusual to see a chair move or a pot randomly fall down. She said on more than one occasion she has been in the kitchen working, and something strange will happen right next to her! Pretty amazing.

  2. Joe

    This place is great. The food is great. the history is very intersting. It was a dance hall 100 years ago, the saloon was next door with gambling down stairs. Did the ghost that roams the rooms meet his maker there 100 years ago, Who knows? I would like to see them write the history down so all could read it. And yes the scones are out of this world big and sooooo gooood .

    • TZRollins

      Thanks for the extra information! We agree that it would be really neat if they did more of a write-up about their history, and especially the ghosts! The spirits are probably just mad that they don’t get to enjoy the scones and food like the rest of us!

  3. shelly

    Did you all know, that the family tree, history of the ghostly encounters there are on the show, the dead files. Travel channel. Just a FYI. A little more that ghostly things going on. Watch and fund out. :-(

  4. shelly

    Would love to visit there!!!! :-D

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