Having stayed the night in Parowan, it only seemed appropriate that we enjoy some breakfast there in the morning.  Though the city isn’t really large, there are a lot of people who travel through because of its location. From Parowan, you can take Highway 143 which cuts through the city, and takes you up to Brian Head ski resort and Cedar Breaks national monument; it is also a convenient place to stop for gas, as there is a large truck stop just off of I-15 at the exit for Parowan. For breakfast, we went to the Parowan Cafe (or Teresa’s Parowan Cafe according to their website).

Interior of the Parowan Cafe

The Parowan Cafe is just exactly what you’d expect: a busy, small-town diner filled with locals and few people passing through. It’s a small town type of place to catch up with friends, or the place where you go before heading out on some kind of adventure. The cafe is also the hub for a lot of what is going on in town. We haven’t been to many places where we’ve seen a section of the counter used for advertising events and other goings on in town.

Just because it is really the only diner in the city doesn’t mean it defaults the win for best cafe. Actually, it was great food and can hold its own with other towns! In fact the day that we went, they were busy enough that we had to wait for a bit before being able to find a seat, which was a UFR first. There was a nice mix of locals, as well as travelers that were stopping in on their way to other places.

Breakfast at the Parowan Cafe

Once sat, our waitress was attentive and, of course, very friendly. We ordered french toast as well as biscuits and gravy. Though it was busy, our food came quickly and tasted wonderful. French toast is hard to do wrong, and the biscuits and gravy were absolutely wonderful. We don’t say that blindly, as Tyler Spent 2 years in Florida and biscuits and gravy are to Floridians as fry sauce is to Utahns! It seems so simple but you know when you get the good stuff! The portions were good for the price, and we left feeling ready for the day.

The Parowan Cafe can be found at 33 N Main St in Parowan, UT 84761 and can be reached at (435) 477-3593. Check out their website at http://www.parowancafe.com/.

Exterior shot of the Parowan Cafe

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