About Utah’s Forks in the Road

Our Story

What’s our story? Our story is one of a long-time friendship, a love for the state of Utah, a love for driving around and exploring what’s around us, and a great love for trying out new places to eat. “Utah’s Forks in the Road: Where to go, and what to eat when you get there” is the culmination of those things listed above and our desire to explore Utah, discovering where the best eats are to be found in the smaller communities throughout the state.

The thing about this project is that the entries we make on our blog aren’t just going to stay here forever. You see, we’re not just planning to have an online database; we’re planning on publishing a book. The book will contain much of the same information as what is found online, but with a little bit more historical and recreational information, as well as more photos.

We would also like to say that the book will also contain mystical secrets from ages past and will teach you how to make gasoline out of marshmallows, a decent size garden hose, and a little bit of Chinese radish, but we haven’t yet been given the go-ahead from our superiors to do that. What we can promise is that this will be an enjoyable and informative read, it will give you a better idea of just how much there really is to do here in Utah and, most importantly, it will help direct you to all of the great places one can go to enjoy excellent food.

The Impact

Our hope is to create something of value to people that might live in Utah without knowing much about it. We’ve lived here our whole lives, yet we’re discovering new things every single time we go out to explore Utah’s cities and try the food we find there.

While it is pretty awesome that we get to go drive around, exploring Utah and eating really great food, our end goal isn’t just about writing a book. We hope that not only will we be providing an interesting book to those that want to explore our state, but we hope to be able to bring business/tourism to these smaller areas that have so much to offer.

Ways You Can Help Us!

This is an easy one. Share! Just having people follow us is an easy way to help out! Use the share buttons to spread the word. We also take contributions, and you or maybe someone you know or are related to has been wanting to donate to a cause or is just so rich that they’d rather donate to something interesting rather than continue to squander their money betting on their pet whale-scorpion hybrids as they duel til the death, only to resurrect the next day to fight anew. Maybe not. Nonetheless, we need your help! Be it monetary or not, we appreciate anything you can do!

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