The Shave N Cream is an interesting place. It isn’t very big, it’s attached to a dry-cleaners and it’s located in the small town of Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Probably not the location you would expect if you were looking for shaved-ice creations inspired by Hawaii.

We stopped in here after exploring the area around Fairview and Mt. Pleasant, and we were happy we did. We were kind of curious about the place, and a snow cone sounded good; what we didn’t expect was that we would have the option for something a little more exotic than that.

The Shave n Cream offers snow cones, hard pack ice cream, shakes…or a mixture of a snow cone and soft serve ice cream. You can choose a “whip” (mixed snow cone and soft serve), a “scream” (snow cone in the bottom, soft serve on top), the locally known “shave-n-cream” (soft serve on the bottom, shaved ice on top, sweet-and condensed milk on top of that), or in true Hawaiian style you can add a layer of Adzuki beans in between the ice cream and shaved ice of the shave-n-cream. We tried a whip and a scream, and both were excellent!

A "whip" and a "scream." Sounds painful, but it's delicious!

The shop itself has only been open since 2009, but it has grown in popularity with the communities all around it. The owner of the shop lived in Hawaii for a while, and loved the way that they did snow cones there so much that he decided to open the Shave n Cream right in Mt. Pleasant, bringing a taste of the islands to rural Utah.

Let me just say that if you love snow cones, you ought to think about making the trip out to Mt. Pleasant. Stop for breakfast at the Home Plate Cafe in Fairview, check out the Fairview Museum of History and Art or shoot a round of golf at the Skyline Mountain Resort and Golf Course, and then head over to the Shave n Cream for a cold treat before heading home.

The Shave n Cream can be found at 505 N State St, in Mt. Pleasant Utah. View their website (including menu, and other info) at

Interior view of the Shave n Cream

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  1. I love the Shave N Cream! I go there every chance I get. Another REALLY good place to go for snow cones in the same area, is the Sugar Plum Cottage in Spring City (where they are called Snow Cremes).

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