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Tagged With: I-15 Food

Fillin’ up in Fillmore at Cluff’s Carhop Cafe

This article was first published online at and can be found here. For our latest adventure, we headed south to Fillmore to try out a drive-inn that was recommended by some of our fans.

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Big Burger

Big Burger. The beginning of it all. This particular drive-in has a very special place in our hearts, as it is the restaurant that inspired it all. This was the first small-town joint that we tried, and that was only because we were in the mood for a small-town place. It was a dark day … Continue reading »

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Arshel’s Cafe

Arshel’s Cafe in Beaver, Utah is great. Simple as that. Like many of the restaurants we go to, this is just a couple of minutes from I-15. As we mentioned when writing about Maria’s Cocina, we didn’t know this place (or any place in Beaver, for that matter) existed; and as with Maria’s, it is … Continue reading »

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Parowan Cafe

Having stayed the night in Parowan, it only seemed appropriate that we enjoy some breakfast there in the morning.  Though the city isn’t really large, there are a lot of people who travel through because of its location. From Parowan, you can take Highway 143 which cuts through the city, and takes you up to … Continue reading »

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Maria’s Cocina

For anyone that may have had the same idea that we had about  Beaver (that is that Beaver is just a small town that is only good for truck stops),you owe it to the town to drive through and see what Beaver is really all about, because in all reality Beaver is about as quaint … Continue reading »

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